Applicability of Iron(III) Hexamethyleneditiocarbamate as Colloid Collector for Flotation on Preconcentration and Separation of Some Trace Elements in aragonite Before Their AAS Determination

K. Cundeva, G. Pavlovska, T. Stafilov, D. Zendelovska


The applicability of iron(III) hexamethylenedithiocarbamate, Fe(HMDTC)3, as collector for colloid flotation separation of Ag, Cd, Cr, Mn, Tl and Zn in traces from aragonite and their determination by flame (FAAS) or electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometric (ETAAS) is presented. The interference of Ca as matrix element on Ag, Cd, Cr, Mn, Tl and Zn atomic absorption spectrometric (AAS) determination was investigated. The results show that Ca does not interfere on absorbance of Zn and Mn, but tends to decrease absorbance of Ag, Cd, Cr, and Tl. Accordingly, a flotation separation method for investigated elements from the aqueous solution of aragonite obtained by dissolution the mineral in HCl and HNO3 was suggested.

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