Determination of Chromium in Macedonian Wine by Electrothermal Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

J. Cvetkovic, S. Arpadjan, I. Karadjova, T. Stafilov


A method is described for the electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry determination of chromium in untreated samples of wine. The optimal temperature program is defined according to pretreatment and atomization curves constructed in the presence of different types of wines from Macedonia. Pyrolytic graphite tubes and centre fixed platform tubes are tested as atomizers. Matrix matched (tartaric acid) aqueous standards are proposed for calibration. The detection limit achieved is 0.5 mg l-1 Cr in wine. The relative standard deviation for the concentration range 30 - 100 mg l-1 Cr is 2-3 %. The accuracy of the method was confirmed by comparing the results obtained with those found for wine samples previously digested with HNO3–H2O2 mixture and by analysis of spiked samples. The analytical procedure developed was applied for the analysis of wines produced in different regions of Macedonia. The chromium content ranged from 8 to 38 mg l-1 for white wines and from 10 to 20 mg l-1 for red wines.

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