Relationship Between Compressive and Chemical Compositions of Portland and Pozzolanic Cements

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Pozzolans have been used to improve the some properties of concrete and also to reduce the cost of producing cement. Many researchers investigated pozzolanic cements, which were mostly made with kind of artificial or natural pozzolans. While the most recent investigations on pozzolan containing cements study the effect of pozzolan type, replacement amount and fineness, this study was investigated the effect of clinker composition on the properties of pozzolanic cement.

It was aimed to determine the effect of clinker composition on various properties of portland-pozzolan cements. For this purpose, having different chemical compositions five clinker and one natural pozzolan were selected. After ground separately having three Blaine fineness value; such as 3000, 3500, 4000 cm2/g, portland- pozzolan cements were prepared by using three different replacement amount; 20, 30, and 40%, by weight. Finally, the sixty types of cements were obtained in this study.

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