Physiological and Molecular Analysis of a Valine Resistant Mutant in Arabidopsis thaliana

Ekrem Dündar


The passage of amino acids across membrane barriers in plant cells usually requires an amino acid transporter which links the transport to the proton motive force. In recent years many amino acid transporters have been characterized using various molecular and biochemical approaches. Another commonly used approach to identify genes, is to look for mutant phenotypes in T-DNA insertion mutagenized plants. A T- DNA tagged Arabidopsis seed population was screened with high concentrations of valine, and a putative valine transport mutant was isolated. Southern blotting displayed a single T-DNA insertion in the genome. Valine uptake deficiency of the mutant plant revealed by the whole seedling uptake assays using 14C-labeled amino acids supports the hypothesis that the mutated gene is a valine transporter.

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