Analysis of the secondary housing settlements based on user assessments

Onur Erman


Construction of secondary housing settlements in Turkey began at the beginning of the 1980s, and it remains to increase rapidly. These settlements are being demanded by users despite inadequate infrastructure facilities, negative characteristics of the settlements and low construction qualities of the houses. From this viewpoint, the buoyant demand for the settlements, although it’s negative characteristics, was determined as a subject that needs questioning. For this purpose, a case study was structured to obtain the user’s assessments concerning with the characteristics of the secondary housing settlements. It has been conducted in Atakent town located on the Mersin-Silifke coastline in the East Mediterranean region of Turkey. The case study was realized with 350 subjects who are in the area for touristic activities, and the subjects were chosen by stratified sampling technique. In the context of the case study; users’ assessments about settlements and houses had obtained, factors that affect owning a secondary house had determined, and users’ expectations and preferences about secondary housing settlements had conceived. The results of the study will be able to contribute to the process of realizing the qualified secondary housing settlements and near surroundings through the obtained knowledge about user expectations and preferences.

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