Experimental Study for the Hydraulic Efficiency of an Overtopping Type Wave Energy Converter with a Circular Runup Ramp

Mehmet Adil Akgul, Mehmet Sedat Kabdaşlı


In this study, overtopping rates on a circular cylindrical overtopping ramp under regular waves have been measured and hydraulic efficiency of the device as a wave energy converter has been assessed by analyzing the energy budget of the overtopped water mass.  The study has been carried out by conducting two-dimensional physical model tests.  The variation of overtopping rates with wave parameters has been studied and an empirical formula has been evaluated for the estimation of overtopping rates.  The efficiency of the system has been calculated as the ratio of the mean power of the overtopped water mass to the wave energy flux.  Results indicate that the hydraulic efficiency based on the kinetical komponent can reach 40% for the case of steep waves and the efficiency is reduced with increasing wavelength.

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