Langmuir-Blodgett Thin Film Characterization of Two Organic Compounds

Sibel Şen, Rifat Çapan, Hilmi Namlı, Onur Turhan


Molecular behaviours of two compounds, namely, p-phthalimidobenzoic acid (FIBA) and (N-phthalimido)-p-aminobenzoic acid (FIABA) molecules have been investigated on air-water interface using their isotherm graphs.  These compounds were also used for the fabrication of LB thin films onto a glass and quartz substrates.  These films were then scanned by an Atomic force microscopy (AFM) for the deposition properties.  The optical properties are studied using UV-visible spectroscopy.  transitions was occurred and the absorption of the FIBA and FIABA LB films against the number of layers showed a linear behaviour.  Preliminary results show that these compounds are well-organized at the air-water interface and are suitable materials to produce with the transfer ratio of over 0.95 uniform LB films.

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