Growth and Reproductive Characteristics of the Thinlipped Grey Mullet, Liza ramada (Risso, 1826) Inhabiting in Gökova Bay (Muğla), the Southern Aegean Sea, Turkey

Cahit Kasımoğlu, Fevzi Yılmaz, Hatice Torcu Koç


In this study, the determination of growth and reproductive characteristics of the thinlipped grey mullet (Liza ramada) living in the Gökova Bay (Mugla)  were carried out.  For this purpose, 120 individuals were obtained by monthly sampling during the period between June 2007 and May 2008.  The total length ranged from 154 mm to 480 mm and weight varied between 35.0 and 505.5 g. Age groups varied between I and VI for this species in Gökova Bay, with the second and third year-classes dominating. Sex ratio was 1.26:1 (M:F), corresponding to 55.84% male and 44.16% female of the population (P>0.05, χ2 test).  The length-weight relation was found as W= 0.0005L2,25 for all individuals.  The von Bertalanffy growth equation was calculated as: Lt= 489.19[1−e−0,21(t+1,01)] by using the data of 120 L. ramada specimens.  Significant statistical differences in condition factors between age classes and sexes were not found (P>0.05, t-test). Monthly examination of condition factor showed that similar condition cycle is evident in both sexes, peaking in August (1.135 for males and 1.136 for females).  Spawning period of this species in Gökova Bay occured between October and December, showing a peak in November.

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