Radioluminescence and Optic Characterization of CdSe Quantum Dot Added Polymer Nanocomposites

İlker Çetin Keskin, Murat Türemiş, Mehmet İsmail Katı, Yasemin Tuncer Aslanlar, Rana Kibar, Ahmet Çetin


In this study, CdSe quantum dots which is highly luminescent were synthesized by two phase method using oleic acid (OA) as a surfactant. New nanocomposites have been obtained by mixing CdSe quantum dots with low-density polyethylene (LDPE) in different ratios. The structural (FT-IR), morphological (TEM, SEM), thermal (TG-DTA) and absorption (UV-VIS) properties of these nanocomposites were investigated as well as their radioluminescence (RL) properties. Radioluminescence peaks at 335 nm, 510 nm and 655 nm for the oleic acid-capped CdSe nanocrystal were observed. As a consequence of the nanocomposites being doped with powder CdSe quantum dot, a significant blue shift was observed in the absorption bands. The optical band gap for CdSe was calculated as 1.82 eV. The nanocomposites blended with CdSe QD, this value increased to 3.23 eV.

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