Synthesis and photophysical properties of new Eu(III) complex

Mustafa Burak Çoban


In this study, the new Eu(III) complex was hydrothermally synthesized using oxygen donor ligand and characterized by single crystal X-ray diffraction, elemental analysis, solid UV-Vis spectroscopy, FT-IR and photoluminescence properties.  The crystal structure analysis of complex [C7H9EuO9S](1) indicates that the central lanthanide ions are coordinated by eight oxygen atoms in which six oxygen atoms from four ssa-anionic ligands and two oxygen atoms from a coordinated water molecules.  Complex 1 bridged by oxygen atoms from carboxyl and sulfonate groups of the ssa- ligands are formed in 1D chains.  The 1D chains are linked together with ligand ssa- to form a 2D wave-like layers.  All these wave-like layers are further interlinked via strong hydrogen bonding interaction resulting in 3D architecture.  Additionally, solid state photoluminescence properties of complex 1 have been investigated in room temperature.  The indirect energy transfer mechanism via an Antenna effect in complex 1 has been investigated in detail.

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