Synthesis, characterization and swelling properties of poly (acrylic acid)/Zr-pillared clay superabsorbent composites

Zehra Bekçi Molu


Superabsorbents hydrogel were prepared by using Zr pillared- montmorillonite KSF by graft copolymerization reaction of acrylic acid (AA).  Swelling behavior of pillared clay based superabsorbent films in distilled water and different pH values were investigated at room temperature. It was also obtained that pillared clay based superabsorbents were pH dependent and showed a reversible swelling behavior. Water absorbency of pillared clay based superabsorbent (PILC-SA) was increased by decreasing pillared clay amount in the network of the superabsorbents. SEM and XRD analysis were conducted for further characterization of the PILC-SA. XRD revealed the basal spacing of the pillared clays before and after in-situ incorporation indicating that the morphology of the superabsorbent was exfoliated and the layers of clay dispersed on the composite. 

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