Wind and wave climate in the vicinity of Bozcaada

Nuray Gedik, Dilek Çapanoğlu Bacanlı


One of the most important subjects of coastal engineering is determining the effect of waves on coastal areas. There are different types of marine structures constructed for different purposes such as berths and breakwaters for ports, seawalls for coastal protection, offshore breakwaters and groins. The basic design tools in planning and designing coastal structures and determnining the shoreline changing are wave parameters.
Wind and wave climate studies were carried out in Bozcaada coastal region. The wind data used in the wave prediction is obtained from the General Directorate of State Meteorology Affairs. The data includes the hourly wind data for the 30-year period covering the period January 1980-July 2010 for Station number 17111. By evaluating the data, hourly wind distribution percentages, frequency distributions considering direction of wind speeds and direction weighted speed averages were obtained between the years 1980 and 2010. Wave parameters belonging to this region are determined by SMB method which is one of empirical wave estimation methodsWind and wave roses were obtained by using numerical model Mike 21 SW in the thesis comprehensiveness. Wind data required for this model is obtained from ECMWF (European Centre Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) ERA Interim data set. For the calibration of wind – wave models, data is used which was recorded for Bozcaada buoy stations under NATO TU- WAVES project at the coast of Turkey between 21 November 1994- 30 September 1995. When examining the results received from model according to ECMWF data, it has been observed that waves are usually more effective at Bozcaada in south and south east direction.

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